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Live and Help to Live
Live and Help to live is our unique programme where we invite people in society to sponsor a child who is living under our care. Every year the child you sponsor will change to a different child. This ensures you get to know different children within Daddy Home and learn about the lives of many children. You receive occasional letters from your child, who will inform you of their history and daily lives in India. With 25Euro a month you can ensure that your sponsored child receives food, education, clothes, medication and a promising future. Most importantly the child knows that someone cares for their well being and happiness. As part of this programme, you can visit a child at Daddy Home and interact with him/her, learning about how they live.

Case Stories:
Sandhya und Sanjana




The two siblings Sandhya and Sanjana just recently came to Daddy Home. The mother is in prison at this time, because she killed the father of the children. He was alcoholic and violent to his family members. Due to the fact that the pastor of the jail is a good friend of father Raja, he brought the children to Daddy Home. Today we could not imagine missing them.








Kumari und Jeevamani




The two sisters arrived in Daddy Home in June 2014. Their father died due to aids, so the mother was begging on the streets every day for the family. The streetworkers of Daddy Home got to know the circumstances of the family. In fact of this they decided together with the mother to bring Kumari and Jeevamani to Daddy Home. Thanks god – the two little sunshines are free of HIV.











Chennakesava is 11 years old. In June 2014 his father died due to aids. His mother and Chennakesava himself are also infected by the HI-virus, therefore the mother is only able to care for her healthy son. So Chennakesava found a place in Daddy Home immediately after the death of his father. There he receives the necessary medical treatment and enough nutrient-rich food. In Daddy Home there is no doubt about a secured future for Chennakesava.







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