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Alone we are a Drop - Together we are an Ocean

Our Aim

Our Reach
Our aim is to reach more beneficiaries with our comprehensive range of support and service. We have reached around 88,002 beneficiaries and support them in and out daddy home during 2002 to 2016.  


List of Beneficiaries:


Helpless Old People 580
Orphan Boys and Girls 3,150
AIDS infected Adults 1550
AIDS infected Children 900
Child Labourers / School – Drop – Out Children 425
Homeless Street Children 1400
Rape-Victims / Abused Women in the street 28
Mentally Challenged Persons 35
Physically Challenged Persons 48
HIV/AIDS tested persons by Mobile Ambulance 78,509
AIDS infected Pregnant Mothers 545
Protected Babies from AIDS Pregnant 544
HIV/AIDS Widow Pensioners 88
Support to the School Children out side of Daddy Home 200
Total 88,002 Beneficiaries








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