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Successful Stories

Children of Daddy Home have grown very fast from childhood into teenage and adulthood. Those children have been making history with many successful stories. They lost the joy of life once upon a time; now that is old story. Today many of the children are studying in pre-universities, engineering colleges, nursing college and Teachers Training College. After 5 years, it is dream of Daddy ( Pater Raja ) that the Raja Foundation and Daddy Home should be well-run and looked by the grown up children of daddy Home.


HIV Protected Babies :

There are 544 new born babies protected free from the infection of HIV / AIDS from their mothers by the end of November, 2015. AIDS infected mothers with despair and depression are given a new hope and joy by giving them the gift of new born healthy babies.


Many HIV / AIDS infected are given new a life from death, from sadness into happiness, sickness into good health. Those children got rebirth in Daddy Home by the care, integration, love and support of the big family of Daddy Home through nutritional food, medicine and integration.


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Successful Stories 4
Successful Stories 4
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