Change the World Through Love and Service
Alone we are a Drop - Together we are an Ocean


Vision, Mission, Prayer, Patron, Aims and Objectives


  • Vision : Win the world through love and service
  • Mission : Working hands are better than praying lips
  • Prayer : Let all the human beings live in harmony, health and happiness
  • Patron : Mother Teresa
  • Year of Birth/Formation : 1998
  • Registered Number : Registered according to Indian Trust Act
  • Date of Registration : 15th February 2002
  • Tax Exemption : 12 A & 80 G exemption of Tax relief is granted
  • FCRA : Registered according to FCRA Norms (Foreign Contribution Recipient Agency)


AIMS & Objectives of R.F:


  • To provide family atmosphere with young and old like a family
  • To build human relations like mama, papa, oma, opa, brother and sister as most of them never had a happiness of the family
  • To give life-skills and safety of future
  • To protect human life from the street into Daddy Home
  • To give value-based and integrated education
  • To cultivate the land to grow food grains like rice, vegetables, green grams, red grams, chic-peas, green peas, beans, green leaves
  • To grow herbal and medicinal plants
  • To provide nutritional food and medicine to the undernourished pregnant mothers infected with AIDS
  • To improve the health conditions
  • To improve the blood count in their body by the supply of medicine by the care taker
  • To provide integral care for the AIDS infected
  • To increase their resistance power in the body
  • To enhance the immune system



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