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Strengths and Positives

  • Qualified and committed staff members, Helpers and trouble shooters
  • Long standing experience of the staff
  • Well qualified, experienced and respectable Executive Board Members
  • Good links and net works with other social organizations for effective coordination
  • Transparency and accountability and openness to learn the new ideas
  • Receptive and welcoming the visitors
  • Open to dialogue, inspections, reviews, evaluations and critical thinking
  • Hard work, dedication and good team work among the staff and among various departments and services of Raja Foundation
  • Integration of the resident members of Daddy Home like a family is very successful
  • Integration of all the projects like bio gas / energy + dairy farm + cow dung into fertiliser solar + electricity & light


Difficulties & Negatives

  • Dry land, lack of rains, extreme heat, only one agricultural crop in a year, lack of trees and plants around the villages of Daddy Home, poverty, droughts, famines, catastrophes, poor welfare schemes by the Government, migration for work with the families, illiteracy, emotional imbalances of the children, poor communication from Daddy Home due to lack of proper internet connections, telephone broad band connections and regular telephone problems, electricity problems, shortage of electric supply for 14 to 16 hours per day, lack of enough ground water for drinking purpose, poor health system support by the Government.

  • Lack of financial support to continue the services.

    Those above problems have been causing a lot of stress, strain, hard work and taking away time, energy and patience. Every day life starts with problems and ends with many more problems. It is a constant fight against all those challenges, difficulties and daily problems.


Solutions and better ideas for Improvement:

  • We have to improve our communication abilities
  • We have to update , send and share regularly the ongoing news, achievements, problems and difficulties with the donors and supporters for better result
  • Avoid taking young staff ( India ) and young volunteers ( abroad ) below the age of 18 or 19 years because of their lack of experience, maturity of mind to understand the differences in culture, customs and circumstances
  • Foreign volunteers need proper training and motivation before they come to organization for work
  • Have more patience, power, energy and enthusiasm to reach as many helpless human beings as possible
  • Improve the working relations more with the donors and supporters
  • Keep the organization more open for new learning skills, more life skills for better results




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