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Pooja International School

The Raja Foundation built Pooja International School near Proddatur in the Kadapa district in 2008.  Pooja International School is an English medium school in which poor and wealthy children study side by side learning to overcome caste barriers and work together in order to form India’s future, making it a better place.


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The school is trying to bridge the gap between poor and rich children and attempting to overcome prejudices. The privately run Pooja School offers  one of the best educations in India and so wealthy families pay fees for their children to attend this school. This makes it possible for the poor and needy children who would otherwise not be able to afford this education the opportunity to gain an education. In this school, the students learn that they should treat all their brothers and sister as equals, regardless of the caste system. We teach them that there is only one right way of thinking and one religion: Humanity!

Pooja School tries to positively change the mentality surrounding the caste system in India so that each child has the opportunity to be educated and treated equally. Whether boy or girl, high or low caste, Hindu or Christian, every child should have the chance to attend school and get a good education.






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