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Project location: Mylavaram Village

The Real pain, Poverty & Struggle of the people

Caste System & Discrimination:

The Kadapa district in which the Raja Foundation is located consists mostly of small villages. In these villages because of the climate the only possible work is farming agriculture .It is a very dry area with very little rainfalls. It is raining only in the three months of the monsoon. Therefore the earth is very, very dry and the farmers have only one crop per year. Only during these three months the villagers have work. For the rest 9 months of the year they have no work and their day consists of a constant fight for survival. More than 60% of the inhabitants belong to the lowest caste and work in total dependence of those who are wealthier. The illiteracy rate is very high and going to school is a privilege. Moreover the people are not aware of the HIV/AIDS problem and if they do not know how to protect themselves and simply neglect the infected because they think that HIV/AIDS can spread only by touching someone. They have not been taught about the prevention and the details of HIV/AIDS. Moreover the hygienically standards are not good and medical aid is only very rare. Due to the poverty and lack of work many people travel to the city in order to find work. There most of them have sexual contacts without protection and thus the virus is spread because they then bring it back to their families and children.


Due to this reasons Pater Raja decided to build the Raja Foundation, Daddy Home and Pooja International Techno School in this poor dry and hot area in order to solve the problem at its roots and not only fight the outcome. Moreover so that the poor and , needy and down trodden have someone who cares for them and so that the farmer children have the opportunity to gain a proper education and thus over come poverty. By attending school the wide spread child labor is avoided. Only with a good education the children have the opportunity to overcome poverty and bring progress and varieties into their villages.

Below Poverty Line People:

India is the biggest democracy in the world. Most of the people live in traditional rural areas ( more than 80%) and thus do not benefit from the modernisation and economic growth of the nation.



58% of the people are illiterates and live below poverty line in ignorance, superstition and unscientific manner. There are proper schools and many children do not go to school, but go with the parent for work at the very young age. Even if there are schools, only rich people have good accebility and opportunities.


Lack of Rains:

Andhra Pradesh is a State in South India which includes an area of 275.045 km² . and 79.733.367 people are living in Andhra Pradeh. The capital city is Amaravathi and the native language is Telugu. Mylavaram the village next to which the Orphanage, Daddy Home, was built lies in the so called Rayalaseema region (land of the stones) in the Kadapa Ditrict.


Hot Climate:

The climate in Kadapa Distirct is tropical. The temperatures can rise up to 55 ° Celcius. The dry area supports droughts. It rains only in the three months of the monsoon. Throughout the rest of the year there are no rainfalls. Many poor families migrate with the families to big cities like Hyderabad, Benguluru, Chennai in search of work.


Failures of Agricultural Crops:

Due to extreme heat and environmental imbalances, there are very few rains and then suddenly unwanted rains at the wrong time destroying the little crops which are just surviving. Extreme droughts and extreme floods have been damaging the grains and crops very badly every year.


Political Wars:

The life of the common people are dictated by the strong political parties, ethnic family groups and war lords and land lords. Every day life is very much controlled by the political dominance based on the caste, political parties and war groups.


Discrimination & Suppression of Women:

Women are still third class citizens without freedom of choices in life. Girl’s education is not encouraged. Dowry system is very strong. Women have no rights in the share of the family properties. Many baby girls are killed while they are still in the womb of their mother.


Division of State of Andhra Pradesh & Economy down fall:

The Gandhi family has divided the state of Andhra Pradesh into two states unfairly and causing lot of financial difficulties for the state of Andhra Pradesh.



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