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Social Service

We believe in the strong philosophy : “ Empowering the individuals is empowering the society ”. The RF has been organising the following social activities very effectively for the past 15 years with strong commitment and participation in the people’s development.

Breaking Caste System:

The best way to overcome the caste system is to provide the qualitative education and bringing knowledge through awareness programmes. Daddy Home has been a shining example of breaking the caste system by taking the children without any caste, creed, religion and community.

Propaganda Programmes :

Printing and distribution of leaflets, flyers, advertisements, banners, events, and public camps and seminars were organised by the RF to bring Organising Public Events, Rallies, Protest against Illiteracy, Child Labour, Caste system, Seminars & Training Programmes and Out Reach Programmes are being organised by the RF. Photos and news paper clippings are enclosed.


social service programme

social service programme
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