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Future Plans & Projects for Self Sustainability

There are no future projects planned at the moment. We are seriously concentrating on the consolidation, strengthening the projects already started like production of bio energies, keeping up the dairy farm for nutrition of the AIDS infected children, development of the rice / food field, working on the hard soil to make it fertile and cultivable within 5 years time, keeping up the care, support and the integral development of the children, their education, medicine, food and transport. It may take 5 to 8 years for consolidation and self-sustainability as we just started stream lining all those projects.

Projects which need immediate Funds :

The need of the Project:

In Daddy Home there are many AIDS infected Pregnant mothers, Homeless street people, Orphans, some abused women / rape-victims with babies. Altogether there are 193 living in Daddy Home. There are three meals and two snacks per day. Food items are very expensive to feed all of them. We have to buy rice, vegetables, food grains, groceries, provisions and all the cooking items which are very high price. Therefore, we want to grow our own rice, vegetables, food grains, rice chic-peas, green peas, red grams and green grams in the land of Daddy home. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has given us 52 acres( 26 Hectors of land ) for cultivation and agricultural purpose. Children need strong vitamins and nutritional food. Many of the children are infected with HIV / AIDS and some are suffering with low blood count. Therefore, there is a great need to keep Daddy Home running properly without break.


The running cost of the Raja Foundation has to be generated and needs to be continued as many helpless lives are solely depending on the generous donations.


Secondly, the Street Workers Programme is stopped from December, 2015, due to the lack of money and supportive finances. We have proudly and happily protected 544 new born babies free from HIV / AIDs infection. Today, we sadly have to stop it due to the lack of funds. 




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