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Charity Shop

The Care and Share Charity shop is located in the sleepy tourist town of Schull, Co.Cork. Ireland. It was opened in 2002, selling such items as unwanted clothing, bricc & brac, books and used toys. These items are all donated from the kind supporting community of Southern Ireland. All the proceeds from the shop go towards the up keep of Daddy Home and helps support this project. Over the past 10 years the team of over 26 volunteers from a town of only 500 people have run the shop in Schull with dedication and tremendous hard work, putting on occasional events such as fashion shows and coffee morning. All the funds that are raised have helped hundreds of people in the Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. The Father Raj Daddy Home continues to give comfort and dignity to children, the elderly and HIV sufferers offering them a new chance in life. Thanks to this group of fantastic people we have not only raised the awareness of the problems occurring in India but helped to rectify these harrowing issues with the love and support the Care and Share Charity Shop have donated to us at the Daddy Home.



















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