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Care Home for HIV/AIDS infected Children

One sparkle lost
Vijay Kumar and his older brother Venu Gopal arrived at the Daddy Home when they became orphaned by losing both of their parents to AIDS. Vijay Kumar contacted the disease from mother to child transmission when born but Venu was lucky enough to escape this horrible disease. Because of his HIV-infection Vijay Kumar’s immune system was very weak. Most of the time he couldn’t attend school because he was suffering from various illnesses. During these times Vijay Kumar would always cry out for his dead parents.

During the harvest holidays Vijay contracted chickenpox and when it spread not only over his entire body but into his ears, mouth, nose and eyes he became gravely ill. He took his last breath with the age of 11 years, no longer strong enough to fight.

We now feel a void at the Daddy Home since we lost Vijay but he will always be remembered in our minds and hearts. The Daddy Home family is also trying to fill the hole that not only Vijay Kumar left in our hearts but also in his older brother Venu’s who lost his whole family to HIV / AIDS.

The Care Home

Back then as Vijay Kumar was still alive , there was no Care Home near Daddy Home.

Vijay Kumar and a lot of innocent babies who became infected when they were born, had motivated Father Raja to do something to help these children.

Today we can see directly behind Daddy Home a “Care Home” for people with HIV.

The people are ensured to get excellent medical provision, nutrient- rich food necessary for their condition as well as getting a lot of love and affection. The aim is to show these people that they are not alone, nor do they to need to suffer alone as so many people do.

It’s also a place from it is coordinated that pregnant women can give birth to babies free from HIV. Through a medicine, called Nevirapine, it can prevent the virus from being passed from mother to child during birth.


A Care Home, that not only provides medical provision but also gives the people hope and confidence.


Through the Pranalaya – (Home of Life) the following services are being provided to HIV/AIDS Infected children:


  • Free treatment and medicines
  • Free food and shelter
  • Counselling service to HIV/AIDS victims and their family members
  • Recreation facilities
  • Transportation to the hospital for medical tests
  • Breaking the stigma, discrimination and creating the integrated atmosphere
  • Providing education and complete care of the innocent HIV/AIDS infected children



Care Home for HIV/AIDS infected Children

Care Home for HIV/AIDS infected Children
Care Home for HIV/AIDS infected Children
Care Home for HIV/AIDS infected Children
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