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Awards & Rewards

The humanitarian services of Raja Foundation were well recognised by all the communities – Hindu, Muslim and Christian – without any discrimination, caste, religion and division. As a result,

Central Government, New Delhi :

The Central Government of India, Ministry of Family & Health , New Delhi, recognised our Foundation as one of the best 40 in the entire country.

State Government of AP, Hyderabad :

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has recognised our humanitarian services and granted the 52 acres of land with reasonable price for the children of Daddy Home

District Collector / Commissioner :

There are many government Hindu officers like District Collectors, Commissioners of various ministries have visited daddy Home and have recommended to the Government for the grant of permissions to continue our works and services.

Social Welfare Ministry of Family for Women & Child :

The Welfare Ministry of Family, Women and Child have nominated our Daddy Home as one of the best and recommended to the Government to grant us the permit for the “ Adoption of the Children ”.

Child Protection Officer :

The District Child protection Officer or his representatives have been regularly visiting to check the quality, safety, security of the children and women. The feedback and impressions of the Child Protection Officer is enclosed.

Best Achievers Foundation, New Delhi :

The Best Achievers Foundation , New Delhi, selected our organisation as one of the best in the country for its humanitarian services and qualitative excellency in the upliftment of the poor and destitute.

Visitors from Foreign Countries Compliments :

There are more than 200 foreign visitors, volunteers and friends who came to Daddy Home and most of them have experienced the joy of the other side of life. Those volunteers have expressed in writing their best moments, impressions and memories in Daddy Home.



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