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Kadapa - Problem Analysis:
The Kadapa district - the state in which the Raja Foundation is located - consists mostly of small villages. The majority of the population rely on farming and gardening for an income. India experiences an extremely hot climate and very little rain falls, other than during the monsoon season. For the rest of the year the ground becomes very dry and cracked, the grass burns. The farmers only reap one crop per year, which provides work for the local villagers.

When the crop is finished, the work is no longer available and so their struggle for survival becomes very serious. More than 60% of the inhabitants belong to the lowest caste, and work in total dependence on those who are wealthier. The illiteracy rate is extremely high so going to school is regarded as a privilege. In addition the people are not aware of the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS problem and consequently do not know how to protect themselves. The HIV/AIDS infected are mistreated and abandoned because the general public are not educated in regard to the means of transmission of HIV from person to person. They believe that HIV/AIDS can spread only by touching someone and 90% of people are not even aware they are infected.  The hygiene standards in India are also very poor and this results in the spread of infection and disease.

Due to the poverty and lack of work many people-mostly men- travel to the cities in order to find a means of income. During their time in the city many of them have sexual contact without the use of protection and do not realise they have contracted HIV. When they return to their families the disease is then spread to their wives and unborn babies.
Recreation facilities
The Raja Foundation is heavily involved with the prevention, education and testing of HIV. We also have support systems in place.

Moreover the Foundation has started prevention, testing and immediate aid programmes. At present 18 outreach workers are employed by the Raja Foundation and they travel through Andhra Pradesh to offer free AIDS-tests, support HIV-Infected pregnant women and mothers and offer pension programs to infected people.







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