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Evolution: The journey that changed destination

Around 15 years back, Mr. Raja (Daddy) was traveling in train from Visakhapatnam to Vijayawada. He has observed a happy couple traveling in the same compartment, taking good care of their child. He saw mother feeding kid with good food. The child was very happy in the lap of mother without any worry.


Meanwhile train stopped at Samarlakota station, and he witnessed a small boy about 8 year old on the platform, in very bad condition – a pale and lean body, haphazard hair, body full of skin allergy and in just on small knicker. On seeing the plight of this boy, the mother has thrown the leftover food at the boy in a small paper bag. To catch that fistful of food, he immediately ran towards it, but before he could reach, a hefty street dog has pounced on it and ate it away. Oh! God, what piteous condition, the weak physique of that boy was not in a position to fight with street dog.


This incident has made an impact lingered in the mind of Mr. Raja many times. After 10 days, on his return journey from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam, was traveling in the same route. While he was reading that day’s newspaper, a gruesome photograph has really shocked him. With trembling hands he hold the paper and looked the photo. He has seen the photograph, a big garbage bin beside the main entrance of a hotel. A flock of stray pigs searching for food in garbage bin, and dead body of a child nearby. When he closely observed at the boy…. he was the same boy whom he witnessed 10 days back.


Though Daddy has every possibility to get bright career in USA and Europe, still he decided to go to the remotest place of Andhra Pradesh state to work for the poorest of the poor and vulnerable people and little children. The luxury and attractions of the modern world could not negatively influence him from his vision and mission for the happy smiles of those unfortunate poor people.


As a true Indian, sincerely he wanted to help these helpless, and support these homeless. With a determined mind, he left US and return to India to dedicate the rest of his life to help the poor and needy. With an objective of providing service to homeless and helpless children and elders at underprivileged, poor and backward area, he has chosen an interior place Mylavaram of Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, took the shape of Daddy Home, an abode of care and love for needy and downtrodden.


Really, that journey not only changed his life… but resulted in changing destination of many directionless lives

Mylavaram backdrop

Mylavaram - in which “Daddy Home” is built - is a remote village with 5,000 people living. Most of them are very backward and low caste people. Those people are daily workers/laborers. They have only three months of seasonal work in a year. The rest of the nine months, there is no work for them as rain comes only three months in a year. Most of the poor people are living below poverty line and are landless workers.


Mr. Raja Reddy who is called Daddy by all children and elders in Raja Foundation; has built this different world of care and comfort for helpless kids, homeless elders, diseased and disabled, and HIV victims.


Listening to his inner-voice, he came back to India from the US, leaving a lucrative and more comfortable life and career; settled in Kadapa and established Daddy Home for needy. He has built a sprawling campus with 3 storey building in 25 acres of land. This campus includes exclusive homes for boys, girls, disabled, HIV infected; greenery lawns, and swimming pool for kids.




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